Citation in references, not in document

I am re-editing another person’s document and have done a significant amount of deleting, rearraning, etc  After the edits, I obtained his original endnote library and everything synced nicely - EXCEPT - the first 5 references in the reference list are not in the document.  My first reference in the document is #5.  How can I figure out where the mystery insertions are?  

Are there references in figure legends in frames?  Word treats frames first and then the text in giving access to Endnote.  You will probably find them there. 

If you have any citations in text boxes, those will get numbered first. The text boxes would have to be converted to Frames to order correctly. See the following article for details:

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Are you using tracked changes? If so, they may be in a deleted but not accepted change. Try copying the file and Accept All Changes in Document then Update Citations and Bibliography. Do they disappear?

Alternatively, could they be hidden? Take a copy of the file, Convert to Unformatted Citations, search for @@hidden to find bibliography only citation entries. Delete the hidden citations, then Update Citations and Bibiliography. This may cause all sorts of problems depending on the state of the document but at least you have found where they are to delete them in the real document.