Citation/reference in one or more documents but bibliography in another document


I’m writing a thesis using MS Word 2003 and EndNote X5. I’m writing each chapter in a different .doc file (to allow my director to modify some things in an independent way and to keep each file light). Is it possible to concentrate all the bibliography in a file and reference it with the numbered style from the rest of the documents?

I would really appreciate any hint!

Thanks in advance,


I don’t think so.  Why not ref during the drafting stages in each chapter.  Then when you combine the thing, you can reformat to get a single ref list at the end.  When I am reading a long document, I much prefer the refs to be (Author, Year) as it is more memorable and meaningful as I go thru, needing less flipping to the back to see what is being referred to . Even if you need a numbered style for some reason at the end of the day. 

In the end you can choose to use master documents which actually work pretty well, in spite of the bad rap they have from the days when they were a disaster in earlier versions of Word.  Or unformat and reformat after combining the chapters.