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Apologies if this question has been asked before:

I am currently writing my PhD thesis, and it was easier to write the chapters as separate documents as I went along. Each chapter/document has the list of references at the end (and some citations are used in more than one chapter).

I could try to merge the whole thing together as one enormous document, but I think I might end up with problems if I did that - there are several large images as well as several hundred pages of text in total.

What I would really like to do is move the lists of references out of the individual chapter documents and create a single new bibliography file that just has all the references in it together, and nothing else.

Is there an easy way to do this?

I am using Endnote x7 (v7.5.3) with Microsoft Word 2016 (v15.24) on a Mac with MacOS v10.11.5

Many thanks for your help.


maybe you can delete the other duplicate post (from options dropdown) before anyone responds there too. I have accidentally double posted on occasion too!  

I think the instructions are here.  – basically add the individual chapters to the master document after you have run the “convert to unformatted” option and then update the bibliography to generate the citations and a bibliography at the end.  I have never done this though, nor have any of my students.  They just do the unformat steps and do copy and paste them into on document (keeping the source formating to avoid wierd and wonderful formatting changes) then update the bibliography.    

But it sounds like you really want a work around to achieve this.  If you are using a numbered style, especially by appearance, – i don’t think there is an easy way to do this.  If you are using an alpha (author, Year) style, when working in word on each chapter, in EndNote - you will see a temporary group created near the top, with the name of the document.  You can create a permanent group, (thesis-references, for example) and copy the contents of the temporary group into that group.  Do this for each chapter and then you can export (as an RTF document) the contents of that group into a new document.  – The problem with this approach, is that if you later delete a paragraph or citaton, and it is the only time you cited it, it won’t automatically be removed from your collected references (grinning evilly, but it is unlikely that your examination panel will notice one or two, unless it was a citation to their own work and annoyed you didn’t cite it in the text!)  

Sorry about the duplicate post - for some reason it implied it hadn’t sent the first time.

Thank you very much for that advice. I am using an (author, year) style, so I will give your method a try - it sounds like exactly what I need. If I do it last thing, hopefully the references will be accurate.

Just one question: When I copy all the document references into the permanent group, will it automatically remove duplicates before I export, or will I need to go through and remove them by hand?

Thanks again. Dan.

If the record is already in the group, it shouldn’t duplicate it.