Bibliography in separate word document

Hey all,

I’m writing a long thesis, so decided to have a doc file for each chapter and one doc file with the reference list only.





Do you any idea how to create one big bibliography in one seperate file?

Thanks for helping!


There is no way to get endnote to automatically take refs from individual chapters and combine them into a separate document.  However, EndNoteX4 will automatically create a temporary group when you format or are working on a document and you can use this to your advantage. 

But first, I assume that you have thought about how you are going to generate a table of contents and table of  figure legends for the combined document?  Our students routinely just combine the various chapters at the end and then reformat to produce a single document with a combined bibliography at the end.  These are long documents with figures, tables etc and we haven’t had any real problems as long as figure sizes are sensible or inserted as links rather than embedded. 

While writing, I suggest that you keep the chapter specific bibliographies until you are ready to generate the final combined document, then just reformat with another style without a bibliography. 

then when you are ready to prepare the final document, you could open each chapter in turn and tagged or drag the chapter specific temporary group to a specific “refs used in thesis” group in your library.  You could add to that group as you open the other chapters.  This combined group can then be exported to a separtate RTF document using the style of your choosing.  The chapters themselves, using a (Author, Year) format would be formated at the end of the day with a style that produces no bibliography.