Citation Style for Phytopathologia Mediterranea

Greetings, I am trying to figure out the name of the citation style used by Phytopathologia Mediterranea, I have tried contacting them with no answer. 

phytopathologia mediterranea.JPG

So there is a useful set of styles developed by a former active mentor in this group.  They end about here in an early thread, so page up to view the examples and further up to download the matching output styles.

I took one that was very close and modified it to the attached.  Remember when you are browsing the output style manager, you can view the output in the window by selecting preview and can therefore look at them to see if they match your needs in Endnote.  (in Endnote:  Edit>output style>open style manager see image below).  This is a great way to review the output and make further changes if needed.  There is a editing ref style manual available as well.  

SGGS1_Yr_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol_Page -Phytopath Med.ens (14.8 KB)

Many Thanks Leanne,

I am fairly new to this, so I must apologize and ask you to bear with me as I might ask some beginner’s stuff;

how do I get that style on the choices list, on my Endnote program and in the tab in Word, in order to have my bibliography in the format you sent me?

got it,

it was as simple as “save as”

thanks again Leanne, much appreciated.