Annals of Botany

Dear All,

Does anyone have an updated style for this journal?   The style in our EndNote is not quite right and the one on the EndNote site is no newer, I think.    We have corrected a couple of things but there may be more that we have not spotted… 



Keith Nockels

University of Leicester Library - UK

If you want the style updated, I suggest that you provide the detail on the suggestions link available from the web style finder page.  That will get it updated for all.  We other users appreciate it when someone finds that a supplied style isn’t correct or has been changed.  Endnote staff have some trouble keeping up with those kind of things, I guess, when they have over 3000 output styles!

Thanks: did not know about that link.

We’ve updated the style so it separates in text citations with a semicolon, and puts et al in italics, and puts et al if there are more than six authors.

Happy to share if that helps anyone.