Citation v. 9 and Endnote X5

I am in the humanities and have had to abandon the softweare Citation v 9 because (1) it could not handle UNICODE and I work in foreign languaghes, and (2) it was iffy under Windows 7. I am trying to learn Endnote X5 but I really miss a bibliographic program that was more friendly to the humanities. What a market expansion for Endnote! Now here is my question would it be possible/feasible to transfer the Citation entry fields into Endnote? They are much better than Endnotes, in that for example, Citation has about 5-6 “types” of book entries.

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I tried to quickly find somthing about citation v.9 and couldn’t so you are going to have to be more specific about the various book types in the program before we can tell you if they can be easily accomodated in Endnote.  You can create additional reference types in Endnote beyond those defined, if needed. 

Also in Endnote’s help, I found a link to Citation and after rummaging around there a bit, I see you can export the database from Citation in the RefMan (RIS) file that could be imported into Endnote (I would avoid Endnote’s “Refer” format). 

(but I am a scientist, so I may not be the best at helping!). 

Here is their web page