pdf import/export with standard bib exchange formats (RIS,Refer,BibTeX, etc.).

Hello,I use X1 and have a library of nearly 2000 references including 1500 with linked pdfs. However I have colleagues that use other bib man software like zotero, RefMan and BibTeX. I’m looking for a way to import/export references together with attached pdfs so we can build one master library. I’ve been told that the only way to do this is by using one of the open/standard bibliographic exchange formats (RIS,Refer,BibTeX, etc.). Can someone please instruct me how to accomplish this?

I have a similar problem. I have built my library in bibtex (plain text format). I love this library / reference system when I am using LaTeX to write an article. But sometimes a journal asks for Word written articles. And I want to add the pdf’s so I can find the articles faster on my harddrive.

I bought RefMan because my university had this software available too. But now I cannot import my 3000+ references from BibTeX. I can also not find a good guide to writing an import filter myself.

Has anyone a working BibTex import filter available? Or a guide on how to build the import filters?

Hi Guys. 

Is there somebody, who knows if, or how it’s possible to synchronize two different EndNote Libraries? We’re using EndNote X. and each time when we try to combine both biblios (one on the workstation and the other from the notebook) the PDF’s are not copied! It seems that EndNote is not able to detect which items contains a PDF and which not. 

Please could you help for that?

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For this, I would suggest you start a new thread, rather than interrupt this one? 

How are you currently synchronizing them?  Remember you need the .enl file as well as the contents of the .DATA folder?