Converting an Endnote X library to Endnote 7

Hi all

I am in desperate need of help.  I have been using the trial version of Endnote X to write my dissertation - my advisor has asked me to make a bunch of reference changes.  Since the trial version has expired, I was able to obtain Endnote 7 through my lab.  However,
I am trying to import the Endnote X library into Endnote 7 with no success.

Basically I exported the X library as a text file (as per instructions on Endnote help) and have been trying to import it into a new library in Endnote 7 - I import it as a “Refer/BiblX” - and NOTHING HAPPENS. I am so worried I will have to input all 400 references again!

Thank you in advance


When you exported the library from X, which export format did you choose?

There should be a pull down menu in the dialog box, which pops up when you export. From that pull down menu, did you choose a right format? There may not be a Refer/BibIX export, but Endnote export may work, instead?

You need to check the tags are really matching up to do export/import job. I guess Refer export and Endnote export both uses %A kind of tags, so they may be cross compatible. If trial version doesn’t allow export anymore, you are stuck there. Sorry.

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Me, I would borrow someone elses computer and get a new trial!  (sorry Thomson) cause unless you put in spacers and have the library sorted by record number, you aren’t going to match with the thesis anyway, and you are going to encounter a lot of head-aches!