Unable to directly import citations into active EndNote X5 Library


I apologise if this has been asked before, I scoured the forums (and google) and was unable to find a definitive answer.

I’m using EndNote X5 on Mac OS 10.8.5 with Firefox 27 (latest).

Whenever I try to import a citation into my EndNote library from google scholar, I click on “import into EndNote” on the google scholar website, then Firefox downloads the the .enw file (ok so far), which is opened by EndNote (also ok), but even though I have my library open, EndNote still prompts me with an Open Dialog:  “Select a Reference Library”.  Why do I need to do this?  I have the library I want it to import into open already!

I’d like to be able to just click on the citation, have it download, and import directly into my open library.  I swear when I used EndNote on Windows I could do this.

Is there a preference somewhere I can adjust for this behaviour?  I’ve dug through the preferences with no luck.

Thanks in advance.