Travelling library problems: Solutions don't work

I have tried to update content and style of references in an MS Word 2003 document, using Endnote X2. Following suggestions on these forums, I have unformatted the citations in the document, closed the document, closed Word, closed Endnote, opened Endnote, opened the pertinent library, reopened Word, reopened the document and then formatted the bibliography. Only to have the citations again appear in the incorrect format, different in detail to the specifications in Endnote. If I look at the details of the citation, it still says “travelling library” down at the bottom!

In desperation, I have copied the text of the entire document, used the “paste as” plain text function in a brand new Word document, closed the document, closed Word, closed Endnote, opened Endnote, opened the pertinent library, opened Word, opened the document and then formatted the bibliography. Guess what? The problem persists and the citation shows “travlleing library” if I look at the detail!

PLEASE help me get rid of this dratted travelling library, as the citations are being displayed in an inappropriate style.

So is your problem that they have the wrong content (something that has been updated in the library, but not in the bibliography)?  Or that the bibliography is being formated in an incorrect style?  Attach the style that is being used in the word document to a message NOT the one chosen in the endnote program itself, which is not the one necessarily applied to the document.  What operating system are you using? I dont’ think this is a travelling library problem at all.

(added in Edit - to see which style you are using in Word 2003 documents, chose “format Bibliography” tool and see the “with output style”.) 

The problem is twofold.

The in-text citations are not being formatted correctly. I am using the output style “APA 6th”. In Endnote, I changed the settings under <Edit output styles> <Edit APA 6th> <Citations> <Ambiguous citations> to uncheck “Include the author initials or full name” and checked “add more authors until the citation is unique”. Nonetheless, the citation in Word displays the first author’s full names, no matter how many times I go through the process I described in my previous post.

In addition to this, the content of the entry in the bibliography at the end of the document also does not update if I change the detail in Endnote.

I am using Word 2003 under Windows XP SP3 and Endnote X2. 

I don’t think your travelling library is the problem. It looks as though the difficulty is the style.

If you open APA 6 for editing and click “Author Name” (under the citations heading) you’ll see that there is an option to add initials if there are primary authors with the same name (e.g. D. Smith and B. Smith). If that’s checked the initials will keep on appearing even if you’ve turned off the disambiguation. 

It might be as well to check as well that your copy of the style does have “last name only” as the bottom menu option (same section).

Then go back to the document and do format bibliography, making sure that your modified style is selected.

Under <Citations><Author name>, the option for Initials is indeed “Last name only”. (I checked that if I change that to one of the other options, then all of the citations in the document appear with initials). So, there is some link between the Endnote library and the document, but it seems corrupted?? 

Under <Citations><Ambiguous citations>, I have unchecked everything other than the last option <Add a letter after the year>, reformatted the Bibliography, and still the two citations appear with the full names of the first author after reformatting the bibliography.

Furthermore, the one citation still appears in the bibliography at the end with the incorrect date, that differs from the entry in the Endnote library. I have checked the citation numbers and the number of the citation in the document and the number of the record in the library are the same.

If I right-click over the troublesome citations, select <Edit citation><More>, then at the bottom of the dialogue box that appears, the only words are “Library: Travelling library                   46 citations”.

When changes are made to the output style, a prompt appears when exiting indicating the changes will be saved as a “copy” (e.g., APA 6th Copy).  So did you subsequently adjust the settings for EndNote and MS Word to use the modified style: APA 6th Copy?

Have you updated EndnoteX2  to the most up to date patch?

Have you checked that the two records for the authors you are using have the first author as exactly the same in both records.  Small differences, like one having a middle initial or the initials being together in one, and separated (as they should be) by a space or one having the first name written out while the other doesn’t will make Endnote assume they are two different authors and that is a separate setting.  If you don’t change the surname, this shouldn’t affect the record linked to Endnote’s temporary citation.

Delete the offending reference and reinsert it from the library, for that last problem.  If you “edit reference” (I think it is available from the “right click” option in X2) then the newly edited record should remain “linked” appropriately and not rely on the traveling library copy.  also, upgrading to X4 or X5 makes the traveling library scenario less of a an issue due to some behind the scenes changes, I understand. 

It will show the traveling library in that status line, no matter what, if I remember correctly… That may be a red herring. 

 If you like, you can PM  me and I will give you my email and you can send me the document to look at?