Citations are being numbered out of order?

I’ve been citing in endnote perfectly fine. At this point, I have 42 citations. Then seemingly out of nowhere, it started number from “1” again on my page. Literally my new citations were now 1-6 when they should have been 43-48. I tried a few things and nothing worked. I left the paper and came back, and then it started renumbering from number 1 AGAIN, i.e. I have 3 citations that are now called number 1. It essentially started a new numbering list. I have no idea how to fix it so that the numbers are actually in order, someone help please!

And you haven’t openned it in another word processor like open office and saved it?  

What OS, what word version, what endnote version-- are the old ones still “fields”  (grey when you hover over them)?  What if you convert to unformatted citations?  do they all return to curly bracketed items?