In-text citations starting at number 3

I’ve been using EndNote X2 with Word 2007 for several months with no problems, even though I have Vista 64 bit. Things run slowly but it all works. But today I updated the bibliography in a long document, and now the referencing starts with number 3 at the beginning of the document, runs through sequentially to 28, and then suddenly we have number 1 and 2. Then it goes back to 29, 30 etc. I can’t work out what’s going on. When I revert to unformatted citations everything looks normal, just the same as all the other citations. I’ve tried deleted and reinserting the two problem references, but they still generate as 1 and 2.

Any clues to what’s going on here? I don’t fancy having to manually renumber and reorder everything when the document is finally finished.


After further poking around I’ve discovered the answer here: 

It was a text box issue. I will follow the instructions and hopefully fix the issue.