Citations being deleted by Endnote


I have just updated to Endnote X6. I am using Word 2010.

If I go into a new Word document and Insert Citation from the Endnote tab, the citation code appears correctly in Word.

The problem is that when I then press Update Citations and Bibliography to create a reference list and convert the citation to the correct format, Endnote just deletes the citation, and no reference list is created.

I have been trying lots of alternative ways of doing this using new Word documents but it just keeps deleting my citations. Any advice on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. I’ve used Endnote successfully before and so I am wondering if this is related to updating to the latest version?

Thanks, Phoebe

I suspect that your “default”  output style (which is not specifiable in any way I know) is currently set to something like “annotated.ens” in each of your new and existing documents.  

Changing the output style in Endnote has no effect on this behaviour.  –  If you change it to your needed output style (say Author, Year)  on the endnote ribbon (in Word 2007/2010/2013) or in the format Bibliography dialog (in Word XP, 2003 and 2011), this will restore your citations.  

Also eventually, it does seem to become the “default” for new documents, but I have no idea how and when.  

Thanks for the fast response. I have discoverd that if i change Style to ‘Author-date’ in the EndNote tab of Word 2010, as you suggest, it does start working properly.

Previously I had selected APA 6th, and this is when it stops working and just deletes everything.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can get APA 6th to work as this is what I typically need to use.

Thanks for your help

There must a problem with your copy of the APA style. You can download another copy from our web site.

Go, type APA in the search box and click on “Apply.”

Click on the :download” button beside the APA style you want to use, and if your browser gives you a choice you can choose “open.”

When you click on File > Save As, EndNote will save the style for you. It will save it as APA 6th Copy.

You can then click on Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager to mark the new APA style for your favorites list.

If your browser only allows you to save he style, save it to your computer and double click on it to open the style in the Style Editor. You can then use “Save As” to have EndNote save the style for you.

Having similar problem but with Turabian.  Citations are disappearing when updating though Bibliography remains.  Running EndNote v7 with Word 2010.

Turabin is a footnote style and has no template for the “citation” in text.  Hence it will disappear.  You would need to insert a footnote and then insert the citation in the footnote to use it as it is designed.  

Thanks. The institution I’m writing for is requiring parenthetical referencing for citation of sources with Turabian style biblography- hence my confusion.  Thank you for the help and clarification.