Citations in Word figure captions override text citation order


Mac OSX 10.5.6 Leopard

Microsoft Word 2008 with the latest updates applied

Endnote X2


I have a perfectly well ordered citation order in a document. References are numbered in the order they appear. When reference 9 (in text) is then added to figure 1, which is on the third page of the document, immediately, reference 9 becomes reference 1, and the first reference in the text is now reference 2. This is utterly unacceptable for almost any journal.

It appears that citations added to figure captions do not obey the order in the document. It probably does not matter which style is chosen (I have tried two - Proc SPIE and PNAS). It may be that the ordering of citation depends on some sort of internal word ordering.

I cannot choose to not have the citation in the word figure caption as it is a reproduced figure from a journal.

Only recently was I forced to start using endnote with word (thanks to colleagues). I have used LaTeX and BibTeX without any such issues for years.

Any solution to this mess ? 

This is due to the way MSWord scans and interprets fields in text boxes.  Convert the text box to a frame, and the numbering is restored.  See this Endnote FAQ.

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Thanks !

That fixed it.