Customizing numbering for in-text citations for inserted figures

I have searched in various places but haven’t yet found anything on my issue. 

I’m inserting figures into Microsoft Word 2010 using Endnote X5.  For the in-text citation, Endnote inserts “Figure 1”, “Figure 2”, etc. but I need the numbering to read “Figure 1.1” “Figure 1.2” or “Figure 2.1” etc. depending on the chapter in my document. I have maybe 15 figures across 3 chapters, and I want to make it easy for readers. 

Is there a way to do this with Endnote/Word (like with Section Breaks or something)? If I am overestimating the sophistication of Endnote-Word communication here, perhaps someone smarter than me can help me with a workaround?  I thought I’d start by finding wherever the settings are that allow formatting changes to the in-text citations, like text size, bold, or customizing it to read “Fig.” for example.  But I can’t even find that.  Any suggestions welcome, TIA!

You would be better served if you forgo using EndNote’s captioning and switched to MS Word.  Just erase the caption in the EndNote reference template (or copy the caption to another field). Then in MS Word go to the References tab, click INSERT CAPTION.

The Insert Caption dialog box enables keying in specialized figure numbers (like 1.1, 1.2) followed by the caption. Using MS Word also makes it easier to generate a List of Figures with corresponding page numbers.

Thanks for the suggestion.  That certainly sounds like an easier route. 

So do you know if there is a way to “link” the in-text citations to the figure numbering in the caption, so that the in-text parts automatically change if I change the figure numbers in some way?  My concern is that if I reorder the figures, or decide to change formatting, I will need to go through the entire text again and make the changes manually at each place where I refer to a figure.  I’m okay with doing that if I have to, but was hoping to learn some new tricks and save time, and avoid potential mistakes. 

The easiest method would be to cross-reference the figure captions in conjunction with using MS Word’s “levels” and multilevel lists for marking headers for the Table of Contents. 

Since your query is venturing away from EndNote into MS Word territory here’s an overview w/illustrations to get you started.


 [Refer to image 1 for steps 1 and 2]

  1. Create the chapter heading and mark the “level” (i.e., Level 1) by going to the References tab in the MS Word ribbon and selecting “Add Text”. Then click the Home tab, and in the Paragraph section locate and select  Multilevel Lists, then the list that says “Chapter 1 Heading” (bottom row, right).

2.Insert captions for each figure by placing your cursor on the image then right-clicking to display a submenu. Select “Insert Caption”. The Caption dialog box will appear on screen. Insert the caption label then click Insert to add the caption below the figure.

[Refer to image 2 for steps 3 and 4]

  1. To insert the linked figure identifer in-text first place your cursor in the desired location. From the References tab in the MS Word ribbon click “Cross-reference” which causes the dialog box to appear on screen.

  2. From the dialog box select:

    a. “Figure” as the reference type.

    b. “Only label and number” to be inserted.

    c. Highlight the identified figure to be used (example shows: Figure 1.1).

    d. Click Insert which places “Figure 1.1” in-text.

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Thank you, CrazyGecko, this helped a lot!