"Cite" figure in the text and create a separate "bibliography" for figure captions


in a Word document, I want to “cite” figure numbers, something like “bla bla bla (Fig. 1), bla bla bla (Fig. 2)” and have at the end of the document the list of figure captions:

for instance,

"Figure 1. bla bla.

Figure 2. bla bla."

The idea is to be able to update the figure numbers automatically or instance if I add a figure between 1 and 2.

I could do that from the library I use for citing article references, but in this case, the format of citing wouldn’t be what I need, and the figure caption would IN the reference list, instead of a separate figure caption list.

Can anyone help, please?



As I just said in another thread, the Endnote tools for inserting Figures and Tables are very rudimentary.  Using Word tools you can auto number Figures with minimal training, but in text “cite” links are nearly impossible for the casual user (even the expert user!)  to accomplish.  Crossreferencing in Word is incredibly tricky using Word’s own tools.  I suspect trying to get an Add-in program to function and to have the functionality retained during the migration to a new MSWord version, is beyond the scope of the Endnote software.  I think Endnote should stick to its Bibliography functions and not try to do other jobs half-***ed.  (Just MHO P.S… -that probably applies to PFD annotation too.)