Not good reference order due to figure

Hello !

I’m writting a huge text in word with endnotex7 to reference the subject, but i’ve observed that my first reference in text begin at number 10. I’ve investigated and seen it’s due to the figure, which are after in the text and have a priority on the text (they are all reference as number 1 to 9). It’s quite embarassing and I still didn’t find how to change that :confused:

Someone does have the answer ? :) 

If the figure is inside of a text box then this can be why the references are not numbered in order of appearance.

Please see our website for steps on to deal with text boxes.

Thank for the answer, but in my document, the legend of the figure is automatical, and not in a text-box. So is there any others option to change the order ? Like said " this reference have to be the number x " ?

The figure legend must be acting like a text box so I would remove them and try creating frames instead as the steps from our website mention.