Citations all one-step out of order - HELP please

This afternoon Word crashed while I was inserting a citation.  The repaired document looked ok.  The repair was to ‘footnote 1’ I think, but I couldn’t see anything to worry about and saved the document over the top of the previous version.

BIG mistake.   I now see that every citation is out of place by one step.   The first citation is missing,  so at the point where the first citation should be, the second citation is.  And where the second citation should be, the third is.

I’m tempted to try to insert the first citation back in and see what happens but I thought I’d get some expert advice first.

I’m using Endnote X. 

I think the tech support people can take the file and fix it. 

Alternatively, you could try looking at  this FAQ  which suggests some steps to try yourself (now that I am on my computer, I could do the search).

Thank you for these links.  I’m afraid I can’t tell you whether they worked. I was a coward and went through my archive to find a non-corrupted version and then just added the new material written that day.