Cite laws & legislation in EndNote 7

Hi -

I’m a relatively new EndNote user and I am trying to cite laws and some pieces of legislation in my dissertation. For example, I’m trying to cite the Americans with Disabilities Act. My APA citation appears below:

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Pub. L. No. 101-336, § 2, 104 Stat. 328.

How do I put this in EndNote? What reference type do I use? Any help you can offer is GREATLY appreciated!



Hello Lindy,

There is a “Statute” Reference Type in EndNote. When you create the record in EndNote, be sure to set the Reference Type at the top to the one that is appropriate for your needs. Another Reference Type to be aware of is “Legal Rule or Regulation.”

Thanks!  I too have questions about citing statutes, regulations etc.  Is there any guidance on what goes in each field when manually typing in information for Endnote X6?


Hello Kalyani,

You can find basic information about manual data entry in this training video:

You can find additional information in the EndNote Help file that can be accessed by clicking the Help menu and selecting Contents or EndNote X6 Help on the Mac. Here you can click on Entering and Editing References to find out more about how to manually add references to EndNote.

Use the “Statute” reference type as Jason recommends, however, if I recall correctly when the law has been enacted the format follows the US Code so the reference includes the year of enactment at the end of the reference like this:


Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Pub. L. No. 101-336, § 2, 104 Stat. 328 (1990).


Entering the data into the “Statute” reference type would resemble what’s shown in the attached image,


Also note the resulting in-text citation will be incorrectly formatted because of default setting for missing authors. To fix the citation just edit it so it is “Shown Only In Bibliography” – which hides the citation but retains the bibliographic entry -  then just type-in the correct citation format.



Similar but different to the Statute question, I would like to cite the Code of Federal Regulations (which are regulations and not the same as a statute). However the Regulations reference type in Endnote is not giving me pleasing results. I’ve tried many other reference types in my EndNote X4 and they aren’t working either.  Also I’m not finding the trick of using “Shown Only In Bibliography” to hide the citation, as you suggest, but it sounds like it might solve one of my problems. 

My goal is to have the in-text Endnote citation showing like federal regs are normally referred to in their abbreviated form, such as 7 CFR part 355, which in long form means Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations part 355.

Here is my example sentence:

Blah blah blah Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations part 355 (7 CFR part 355, 1-1-14 Edition). Blah blah blah…

I want the bibliographic entry to look like this:


How do I manually enter this in Endnote?  The only way I can seem to keep “7 CFR part 355” together in the text citation is to use dashes in the Endnote reference, like 7-CFR-part-355, which is not acceptable.

I am surprised it has been so difficult finding uniform advice or information on how to cite the CFR in documents.

Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks.

I never did find the “Shown Only In Bibliography” trick, but I solved my immediate need by using Journal Article as the reference type and putting a comma after the Author which keeps 7 CFR part 340 together without having to use dashes.