Adding State Statue

Does anyone know the specifics for adding a state statue to EndNote. 

I have legal rule or regulation selected. 

So for title, do I put Fla. Sta.??? 

Or The name of the rule?

For something that’s rather simple, I’m really struggling here. 

I use X9… And I’m trying to match it to APA 7.

Thank you!

You need to figure out what you want to appear and how.  Legal styles are always a challenge as they vary so much – 

You should first try making the ref type “Statute” and see if the fields make sense to you.

Statute Bibliography template is set up in the APA 7th output style as 

Name of Act,| Pub. L. No. Public Law Number,| Code Number| Volume| Source| Pages| § Sections| (Year)|.| URL

And the “About this style” says:

Chapter 11, Legal References
EndNote cannot accommodate conditional formatting of in-text citations or same reference types. The templates for legal references have been set up to include each of the fields shown in the various examples. Reference list entries may vary by state. Only references from the state of Florida are included in the manual and you are referred to Bluebook for other examples.