Manually adding Statutory Instrument reference


I need to reference so that it would appear in the Harvard stayle as this: 

The Export Control (Amendment) Order 2018. SI 2018/165. [Online]. London: The Stationery Office. [Accessed 15 May 2018]. Available from: …

I’ve chosen Statute in the options but struggling to know what goes where to get this result.  I’ve used Name of Act and Statue Number but when put into word via cite while you right in the text it doesn’t appear and in the ref list says Anon. 

This is so frustrating.  I know how references should look for different material types but not which elements go in the various endnote boxes to achieve the result - any help or signposting to a comprehensive how to would be appreciated.

Harvard doesn’t come with a template with “statute” so you need to create one.  I have added the Statute template, and looked at what fields are already there in the reference type for statute.  Seems to not be intuitive, as you noted.  I attach a zip file with a modified Harvard with a template for Statute, and some jpgs of screen shots of what I tested.  

I used 
name of Act (as title)

Year (as Year)

Code (as 165)

used [online] as hardwired in style, (but if it isn’t always - one would have to define a field to hold the alternatives and replace this with the field name in the template)

Country (as “place” or London, in this example)

Publisher (as The Stationery Office in this example)

the Access Date as the whole of 15 May 2018 in your example

URL to the  Available from: … (I guessed this should be a URL based on the fact there was an access date) (236 KB)