Cite While you Write - Change the number of authors shown in the output

I am using Endnote Online on Mac MS Office 365 using Cite While You Write. I would like to edit the output style to show only the first author followed by et al and to remove the titles in the output (in citations at the end of the file). Something like this

Haradhvala NJ et al. (2016) Cell 164, 538.

I am not able to find a way of doing this (I can’t find Edit Output Style. The only thing that can be chagned  is the font face and size in Cinfigure Bibliography).

Many thanks!

Unfortunately, editing output styles is not possible in the online version.  If you have a Institutional access with a site license, the administrator of the license may be able to upload one.  The desktop version has that flexibility, but that is what one pays for.