How can I create the following output style

Hello their,

The department where I write my thesis at (TUM) has formatting guidelines I do not find in any style. So I have to create my own style.

I have understood how to change the format of the bibliography, but I don’t find a way to change the displayed authornames in the text

When I use: "Tools->Endnote->Inser Citations->Insert and Display as: Author (Year)

This leads to following text, for example:

Author 1, Author 2 et al. (year)

What I need is:

Author 1/Author 2/Author

p.s.: There is a bug in Endnote for Mac Office 2011

Could someone give me a hint?

Thanks a lot.

Don’t think this is a bug but more likely the set up of the Author Separators in the “Author Names” citations section of your output style. The number of authors and/or the “before last in format: Author (Year)” may need to be adjusted. Also, check the settings below for “Abbreviated Author-1st Appearance” to see that will appear, according to your preference. Refer to attached image.