cite while you write Hyperlink error

Hi there

I’ve installed Cite While You Write on my PC. Since installation - and even in docs that are not using Endnote references - every embeded hypertext link or embeded object (MS word doc / excel doc) i make is shown to me as :

{ LINK Word.Document.8"\blah.blah.doc"""\a\f 0 \p }

rather than as a hypertext link (text with blue line underneath leading to a web page or document)

Any ideas how i can ‘fix’ this?

PS:  i know this question was asked back in 2007 - but answer links don’t work

You will want to check the Display setting in Word by going to File then Options then Display and try unchecking the settings under Always show these formatting marks on screen.

Please contact Technical Support directly if the above does not resolve the issue.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or