Cite While you Write in Open Office


I have recently purchased EndNote as I am about to start writing a dissertation.  I use Open Office, but cannot seem to work out how to use EndNote with this.

In the Endnote Help contents there are instructions on how to use Cite While you Write with Open Office.  It mentions entering the EndNote menu.  I do not have an Endnote Menu that I can see there. I am just hoping to find out how to get that menu.  On another forum someone posted that when in Open Office to go to Tools then Extension Manager.  However when I do this there is no option for adding on EndNote.  Lots of other possibilities from the harddrive come up, but not this.

If anyone is able to help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Windows or Mac?  It interfaces with the Windows version, but not as yet with the Mac version of OpenOffice.  Ensure that you install Endnote after you have installed word.  See this FAQ for further advice.


Thanks for the reply.

It is windows.

EndNote has only just been installed.

If it interfaces then I can’t work out how.

I just need to work out how to add an EndNote menu to OpenOffice so I can pick up the references.

Hi jcar,

If the tools didn’t show up on their own for some reason, you should be able to follow the steps on our FAQ page  at to install the tools manually.  You sound like you’re halfway there – in the Extensions manager, you need to navigate to the directory that has the EndNote tool extension in it, which is step 4 in that FAQ.

Thank you!! That worked.

I am very grateful for you help.

Have a nice day.