Cite while you write_PROBLEM


I have Endonote X1 (entire version), but I have substistuted the pc and actually I have a new pc with windows 10.

I have intalled endnote, but in word file the action cite while you write is not functioned. It is not known as add component.

Please can you resolve the problem?


Due to its age, you probably need to try to install them manually –  note there are some things that won’t work (make sure you also read the second link below)

You can find Endnote X1 install instructions here: 


Endnote X1?  They are on Endnote X8 and X1 is from circa 2008 - so you are talking about 10 year old (unsupported) software and the last time they tested it “informally” was with Windows 7. See


I recommend you consider buying the upgrade