Cite while you write


New to end note X 5 Mac  - grateful for help with issue

Using Word for Mac the cite while you write feature sometimes drops in just the citation and at other times drops in the abstract too. I then delete the whole when I highlight and delete only the abstract. Likely I just have a setting wrong somewhere but any help appreciated



With in the same document, or different documents?  On the same machine or different machines.  What style is selected in the manuscript (check the endnote ribbon, or the format bibliography menu). 

There are only three reasons I can think this might happen, and the above questions might distinguish between them. 

You are using annotation as a style, which is the default output style, and some of your records have abstracts and others don’t, so when it does, it is include and when it doesn’t it isn’t.   If this is the case, choosing a more appropriate output style (like Harvard, Cell, or some other true reference style) would fix the problem. .

Two that you have started a new document, and the output style (which is a rather random assignment) is annotation which includes the abstract.  Changing the output style will apply the preferred style. 

Three, if you are opening the document on a different machine and the preferred style is not “installed” or been downloaded to that machine, it might default to Annotated style (although on the PC I think it sends you a warning message that the style is not available). 

I am not sure how you are deleting the abstract, but if it is generated by the style, it will only reappear the next time the document is autoformated by endnote…

If none of the above are true, then you can come to us with more details and attach the output style that is in use please?