Citing a Drug Package Insert

Three questions:

Can anyone tell me what database I might find a drug package insert indexed in?

If it’s not indexed anywhere, the person will have to create the reference manually.  What reference type would you use for such a thing? 

The user has X1, and doesn’t have “pamphlet” as a ref type.  Is it possible for me to somehow “give” him the file for that ref type?  I know how to share styles and connections files and stuff; can the same be done with ref types?

Thank you!

Assuming he hasn’t changed any other reference types, you can export his Ref Table (to back it up) and export yours and import them into his, I think?  – I am assuming that the reference types table from your version will work in X1, but that might not be the case. 

You have the import and export options from the edit>preferences>reference type dialog. 

Sorry it took me a while to get back here but I really appreciate your help!!!  I believe this worked.