Reference Type Table - general questions

Dear all,

I found in the Preferences under Edit → Preferences → Reference Types → Modify Reference Types all Fields and Document Types I have and which I am able to change. After changing the original is overwritten - so it is described.

My question is - where is this file saved? I was just able to find the following file under Windows:

C:/Programms/EndNote X4/XML Support/RefTypeTableEN9.xml

But the changes are not shown in this file - so where to find it? Since i would like to make a backup of it before i change it.

Best regards ;o)

There’s an easier method for backing up the reference type table .xml file.  From the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES, then click the Reference Types option.  Beneath the “Reference Type Table” click the EXPORT button which displays the export dialog screen.  Simply name the file and select the location to save the file to then click SAVE.

I have already seen that - but my issue is that you never see with which file you are currently working. That is the reason for asking. But in general you are absolutely right ;o)

Thx cay

For Windows the location of the current RefType Table should be in some variation of:

C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\EndNote

You might try exporting your custom table with a clearly unique name and then re-importing it to be sure that you are using your customized table.

Regardless, these comments clearly suggest that we should try to make this a bit clearer for you all - either in the UI or in the documentation.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team