Citing a study group

Some citations have a study/work group at the end of the authors’ list.

See for example: Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: The PRISMA Statement

However, Endnote does not manage study groups correctly.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Download citation: PLOS Medicine
  2. Open the downloaded reference to import in into Endnote.

The group is listed as ‘The, Prisma Group’. Apparently, Endnote thinks that ‘The’ is the last name and that ‘Prisma Group’ is the first name. As a result, it will be cited as ‘The PG’. This is wrong. It should be cited as ‘The Prisma Group’.

During import, Endnote should have placed the comma at the end of the group, ie ‘The Prisma Group,’

I think this should be addressed in a future version.

Thank you.

EndNote is clever but would need to know the difference between a name and group or company during the import process. How would you propose it do so. Developers might be able to set up a rule for those that start with “The” I guess, but is it worth the investment for a rare occurance?

It is pretty easy for us humans, when you see the error, to edit the record and add a comma after the name?

It’s not a rare occurrence. Actually it’s very common in medical articles and in clinical trials.
If the last author has the word “group” or “the” or “collaboration” etc, it would be very easy for Endnote to understand that this is a group.