Edit author's name displayed in Word

Dear members,

I want to cite a document of the European Commission using the Author-Date style in Microsoft Word, so that the citation appears as follow “(European Commission, 1991)”. However, in Word it is displayed as “(Commission, 1991)”.

I think the the problem is that once a add the reference in Word, EndNote recognises Commission as the surname of the author and therefore it displayes the reference as “(Commission, 1991)”.

How can i edit the citation from Word or from EndNote, so that it will be displayed as “(European Commission, 1991)”?

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When entering group or corporate author names, put a comma after the entry:

U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Apple Computer Inc.,

European Commission,

The following comma does not appear within your formatted reference, but ensures that EndNote does not try to parse the name like it would for a person. Alternatively, if your group or corporate author name includes a comma in the name itself, use two commas in place of the first comma:

University of California, Irvine

You can find this information on the web as well.