Citing an app using endnote

Hi there,

I’m trying to cite a few apps (from the iTunes AppStore) I’ve been using for my work. I’ve found a document that, in theory, shows me how to reference them manually ( Harvard _ citation _hlp.doc). But my institution is insisting on EndNote citations.

Having looked through EndNote new reference options, it seems that ‘Computer Program’ is as close as I can get at the moment. But as apparently you can cite apps, I’d prefer to leave no doubt to my work

Thanks in advance for all your help

Are you using a specific Harvard output style, or another output style?  

Pixies (1988) Gigantic. iTunes [Download]. Available at (Accessed 29 August 2012).

It looks to me like Web Page might have almost everything you need and it is already in the templates for Harvard’s output style?  You need to tweak it a bit, moving [Online] to after Publisher 

Author. Year. Title [Online]|. Place Published|: Publisher|. Available: URL| [Accessed Access Date Access Year]|.

so change to and put the word  iTunes into the Place published rather than the Publisher, to avoid dealing with the colon… 

Author. Year. Title|. Place Published [Online]|: Publisher|. Available at URL| [Accessed Access Date Access Year]|.

Thank you, that worked quite well.

For the author/programmer/person who made it, it defaulted to Harvard style, outputting “Apps, 2011”, and “APPS, K…”. So I edited the citation, putting “Kings’s” as a prefix. This gave an in-text citation of “Kings’s Apps, 2011”, which works just fine. Probably not the most elegant way around, but it does the trick.