reference page


I am using Endnote for referencing (online) for the first time. I have an issue that I couldnt help to solve it. Whenever I insert a citation in text, it wont show up in the reference page! How can I make the references automatically in the last page under references page while I do the in text citation?


Make sure you are using an output style that has a bibliography and is not a footnote style, for example.  Where do you plan to publish and what output style have you selected?  

Harvard output, and this is not for publication. It is an assignment.

Which Harvard?  Is that what appears on your endnote toolbar?  see attached.  I put in 3 citations and got the bibliography listing as shown.  

Yes, it is the same one you have in your attachement (Harvard). I have no problem with the in text citation. However, after I finished, I found that it did not make the references list page!!

It wouldn’t make a “page”  they would be at the end of the document though… I assume the citations are in the text correctly (Author, year) and not {author, year TITLE} or something like that.  – in which case you need to "update bibliography and citations.