classical work vs. ancient text

I work with a variety of ancient texts including Hebrew (bible, rabbinic texts, medieval texts), Greek and Roman works. They are often varying translations and varying editions of each ancient text.

I am trying to figure out which is the appropriate reference type for these. Does anyone know?


Since the reference type category (Classical Work, Ancient Text) is not  a visible component for generating in-text citations or bibliographies, unless there is some governing style rule for your discipline it may be just a matter of personal preference.  However, you might also consider the following: 1) Does your field discipline’s style format (e.g., MLA, etc.) have particular bibliographic requirements; and 2) How does the corresponding EndNote output style accommodate the bibliographic requirements. 

For example, if you check your EndNote output style for the Classical Work or Ancient Text templates do they conform to the bibliographic format needed?  If not, you could modify one or both to suit your needs then it’s just a matter of deciding which will be your preferred reference type (Classical Work or Anxicent Text). 

Just some thoughts but other forum users may have some suggestions.