Classification of Pdf files in EndNote Library

Dear All,

I had made a libary from the database of science direct and web of science and download full pdf files from Endnote library. Now when i go the pdf folder that is created in Endnot library folder the pdf files are stored as different numbers and hard to read which paper is this.

I want that every paper is stored via author name and year or title so that i can asses the paper from the pdf file folder. I have attch the image of the problem as well to understand fully.

Please help me in it.



Zulfiqar Ali 

Sorry not an option.  If you open each of those, you do have options in preferences on how the PDFs themselves are named in the numbered folder.  I search by PDF directory directly for the author*.pdf to find individual papers.  (PS I DO NOT WORK for endnote.  I am just a user --and  in this case, just the messenger.) You may request this in “suggestions” forum, but similar requests have  been made  before.