Find Full Text and file names


I have two questions to the „Find Full Text“-function (great function!).

If I use this function, every found pdf-document is saved in its own folder at the moment. The name of the folder consists of “First author-Year-Beginning of the title-Arbitrarily number” and the name of the pdf consists almost of the same records (the number is missing).

My questions are now:

Is it possible to save all pdfs in a single folder?

Is it possible to create automatically own file names similar to the Document Download Manager of ScienceDirect? There you can choose to save all pdf-documents with the name e.g. “First Author-Year-Document title”.

I would be very happy about a short answer!

No (short, isn’t it?)


thanks for your answer. Yes it is short :slight_smile: But unfortunately it isn’t the answer I wanted to hear. I hope that my problem will be solved in an update of EndNote. Therefore, I will put the question again in the EndNote Product Suggestions Forum.

Thanks again for your help!

I realize this is an old thread, but I would like to second this request.  I have a number of manuals that I tried to store in Endnote, but each of them include links in the text to the other manuals for various terms.  Unfortunately, for the inter-manual links to work, all of the PDFs have to be stored in the same folder.