Collating chapters into a whole


I have several chapters of my thesis as individual word documents with references that I made using Endnote at the end of the individual documents (Chapter1.doc, Chapter2.doc, etc…) I now need to compile all the Chapters into one thesis and all the references need to go to the end of the thesis rather than at the end of each chapter. To make it more interesting, some of the references cited in Chapter 1 are also cited in Chapter 2. Can Endnote to do this compilation for me?

Start with copies of the chapters.  

As long as you aren’t using an output style that puts the bibliography at the end of sections or your chapters are divided by sections, it should automatically produce one set of citations.  To make it work more seamlessly, I suggest unformating each Chapter to temporary citations before combining them.  Then format bibliography (“Update Citations and bibliography” on the Endnote ribbon).  You many need to move it if you want it before appendices or any other end materials. 

If you have already combined them, try unformating to temporary citations and then updating.  It should do it too, if updating it alone doesn’t work.  – sometimes it will place the combined bibliography in a funny place (after chapter 1, for example) if you don’t first unformat (convert to temporary citations), and remove any residual bibliographies, before updating.