one bibliography for several documents

I am on Endnote 8.  I am writing a thesis and have each chapter saved as a separate document as there are images in there and they are very large files.  When I get to the end of the thesis I will want to produce one bibliography for all of the chapters together.  Any suggestions as to the most effective way to get all the bibliographies to combine into one?

Thank you

Hi fifi,

In order to advise, it would be helpful to know what output style will you use and how the final bibliography will be organized. Answer these questions and this forum can provide specific help:

What style are you using?

Will reference be separated by chapters or merged together?

Will references appear in alphabetical order or numbered order as appearing in the manuscript?


Hello Emily

I will be using a slight variation on the normal author-date output style.  The bibliographies need to be merged to one large alphabetical bibliography covering all the chapters. 

Thank you


I think the easiest way to handle this in En 8 is to place all your references from each chapter into one Endnote library that contains only the references you use in your thesis. If your present Endnote library contains more than those references you are using in your thesis, check your Endnote manual for copying specific references into a new library or creating a new library from WORD using the Export Traveling Library function from each of your chapters.

One way to create this final bibliography is to use the Endnote function called “Copy Formatted” under EDIT (in Endnote 9 - I no longer have Endnote 8):

  1. sort this library by author

  2. select your author-date-modified style,

  3. select (highlight) all references

  4. EDIT > “Copy Formatted”

  5. paste into WORD.

Note:  This method does not contain Endnote codes, so any changes to your references require that you repeat this process.

Another way to format your final bibliography is to create a different version of your author-date-modified style (call it author-date-final-bib). Remove the in-text citation content  and use this style to format your references in a new WORD document.

  1. Edit > Output Styles> Edit author-date-modified.

  2. Remove all content in “Template”  under Citation (left frame).

3. Save as “author-date-final-bib” to distinguish this from the style you use in your chapters.

  1. Select all references in your library and paste them into a new Word document. 

5. Format your references with “author-date-final-bib” output style. Your bibliography will format without the in-text citations.

Note:  This method retains Endnote codes, so any changes to your references can be updated by reformatting this bibliography.


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Thanks Emily,

I have just tried that on a couple of small test documents and it works great.  I then also made a second “modified author-date” that had empty sections on the bibliography sections so that the chapters wouldn’t produce bibliographies. 

Perfect. :slight_smile: