combining multiple endnote from each word chapter into one thesis

I am writing a thesis. i have saved a seperate endnote file for each chapter, and used cite while you write. (rater than one endnote file for all chapters) I want to create one thesis with one reference section.

I have read you can unformat citations for each chapter then copy paste each chapter into the final document.

However if i do the final format bibliography, on the final word document, I will open all the endnote libraries, but will endnote input the correct references. Because references from each chapter will be numbered 1 to x. So there will be several number 1’s. In the final document will endnote recognise which number ones are from which library???

I would be very grateful if someone has encountered this…

Please advise…

Many Thanks Sanjay

While not recommended to keep a separate library for each chapter, I think that endnote will be able to manage the multiple libraries, as long as they are different.  Endnote expects the Author, year and record numbers to match. Endnote, if properly configured, should also be able to resolve the duplicates, if the same reference is represented in several chapters, but you should look out for this.  If you run into any problems, as I don’t know if there is a limit to how many libraries can be simultaneous libraries and I don’t know how many chapters you have, run the format bibliography after adding each chapter. Since the travelling library is [present embedded in the document, you should be able to continue formating after inserting the next chapter and with the newest chapters library open in Endnote, and not having the previous libraries open, at all.  Let us know how it goes. 

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Thanks for that, it works!

As i’m copy/pasting the chapters with unformatted endnote citations into the word final document, I am opening one endnote chapter at a time and formating the final document.

As you said opening several endnote libraries at a time can make endnote bring up duplicates from different chapters or from the same chapter when formating the final document. Also when formatting the final document, endnote brings up papers where the author and year matches. For example the author may be a second author in a different paper with the same year. So it is easier to to deal with these (and remember where these are) chapter at a time than the whole lot at the end.

Many Thanks… i can get back to formatting thesis now :slight_smile: