Colon does not appear in text for "Report" template

I’m using the International Security template and want a colon to appear between ‘Place published’ and ‘Year’, eg. (London: 2000) for the report template. I inserted the colon in the code yet it does not show up in the footnotes or bibliography. The relevant part of code for the template looks exactly the same as it does for books, where the colon does show up in my Word document. What is wrong?

The code is as follows:


Author. “Title,” (Place Published|: Institution| Year)|.  URL| Access Date|.


Author, Title Prefix Title| [Translated Title]|, ed. Series Editor|, trans. Translator|, Edition ed.|, Number of Volumes vols.|, vol. Volume|, Series Title| (|Place Published|: Publisher, Year|; repr., Reprint Edition|)|, Type of Work|, Cited Pages|.

Did you try copying it from one template to replace the other template?  It is highly likely that the space following the : is not a “link adjacent” character (which looks like a tiny diamond) rather than a conventional space. – If you attach your actual style, we can also trial it and a have a look for you.  (I do not work for EndNote but am another user).  

I copied and inserted the link adj characters into the report template you wanted (as the out of the box version didn’t have the Report template).  and attach it.  If you changed or added any other templates, those won’t be in this altered version of the style downloaded from the Endnote styles pages.  

International Security -2.ens (77.9 KB)