A colon (:) is not shown in an EndNote's template

Hello everybody,

The issue is that in EndNote X7.5 (and in X7.1) when I add a colon in Book Section Template (Footnotes) (e.g. [w:]) it is not shown in either Word (both 2013 and 2016) or EndNote preview.  Is it a bug or is it only me? How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance

Can you attach your edited output style?  – It is easier to see what you have done, and show and example of how you hope it will look?

Dear Leanne,

I will attach my style tomorrow. I don’t have it at hand now. Let me tell you, however, what my style is regarding Book Section. The simplest version is as follows:

Author, Title, [w:] Book Title, red. Editor, Publisher, Place Published Year.

It gives:

J. Doe, Book section title, [w] Book Title, red. The editor of the book, Who Published, Where published 2005.

It should give:

J. Doe, Book section title, [w:] Book Title, red. The editor of the book, Wiley, New York 2005.

                                                  ^ a colon here



what is the [w:] for?

In English we use “In” before the book title, in Polish, however, we use [w:]. (It can be translated as [In:])

Untitled Style Copy.ens (7.77 KB)

I think this has to do with EndNotes punctuation rules which are eclectic.  

The closest I could get was to use [w :]  (that is [w<space>:] ) and to use the punctuation rule “French”  - and then it left the colon in place.  

I would rearrange the positioning of some of the separation characters (the pipes | ) as sometimes you have them before and sometimes after the comma and not sure what the colon in front of Series title is for either, but I didn’t try to edit the rest, and attach it, as it was obviously just  a snippet.  

Untitled Stylewithwcolon.ens (8.09 KB)

Thank you. This almost does the trick!