Columns for EndNote 8

I hate to sound stupid, but what is the first column in the EndNote Library display?  The one just before  the author and the paper clip?

Out of the box, I think it is Read/Unread status (a black or white dot, you can toggle manually or is turned off when you do ).  But I turned it off (right click in the Headings in display and untick it) so long ago, it is hard to remember.  If stars, it is a “rating option”.  both are equally useless to me, but were requested options.  the Read/unread status can be turned off automatically depending on your settings in preferences (see image) when you open the record, for example.  The bold and non-bold is another visualization of read/unread status, if that preference is set (again see the image attached).  – I have them all off and not displayed.  

Ah…thanks Leanne.