Would like to hide "Read or Unread"

I have no need for the new “read or unread” button - it’s just a waste of screen real estate. I would like to hide it.

In the library display, you certainly can.  In Edit> preferences, libary display, for the field with the read/unread option, you just need to choose [do not display] and it won’t, or you can choose a different field to disply in that position. 

Thanks! That solved part of the problem. Now if we can only get rid of the bold vs. normal text. When an article hasn’t yet been “read,” then it appears as bold text. After it’s been “read” the first time, it appears as normal text. I want to turn off the entire thing as bold vs. normal is very distracting and, as far as I’m concerned is also not needed.

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yes, well I just select all (ctrl A) and right click and choose “mark as read” and that is done and dusted too! (until you import new records at least, and then I just repeat). 

I agree with jlamarca. If you don’t want to bother with read/unread then you should be able to turn it off.  The bold is visually horrendous.   You even have a preference pane for Read/Unread already.  I was excited to see that, then flabbergasted when the most obvious option, turn it off, was not available.