Want my Endnote X6 to look like my Endnote X4 - interface questions after update:

I just got a new laptop runninx OS X 9, and realized my trusty Endnote X4 doesn’t work there anymore. I updated to Endnote X6 but am hoping someone can explain how to fix/undo some of the new “features”:

  1. Why are all rows (references) shown in Bold now? Can that be changed? It’s annoying to have everything emphasized visually all the time.

  2. What’s the blue dot in the left-most column of each row of the library - what does it mean/do?

  3. Can I make search fields be placed on the bottom (under references list) instead of on top, like they used to be?

  4. Where’s the customizable bar on which I can select Style (there used to be a dropdown menu for it) and other things?

Hello There,

The references appear in Bold if they have not been marked as Read. That is also indicated by the blue dot. You can select all of your references and mark them as Read. Click on the Edit menu > Select All. Next, right-click or Control + click on the references and select “Mark as Read” from the Context menu. You can adjust the Read/Unread settings in the Preferences. Click on the EndNote X6 menu and select Preferences > Read/Unread to adjust the available settings. You can also select whether you want the blue dot to appear that indicates if a reference has been marked as Read or Unread. Go to the Display Fields settings in the Preferences to select whether or not to display the Read/Unread Status in one of the columns.

At this time, there is no way to change the location of the Search pane from the top of the library screen to the bottom.

You can still see the Default library style for the preview. On the bottom right side of the library, you will see the Display options. I would suggest the Bottom Split view for you. It is the middle of the three icons to the right. Once that is selected, you can choose “All Panels Visible” or “PDF Panel Not Visible” from the three icons to the left. Here you will see the current default Style right above the Preview pane.

Excellent, thank you. One last thing: when I search, is it always searching inside the PDFs too? Can I disable that?

If you click on the little magnifying glass icon to the left of the Quick Search oval, you will see the option to select which field or fields to search. If you are in the Advanced Search view, you can also specify if the PDF and/or PDF Notes are going to be included in the search results.