Problem sorting aplhabetically ( IEEE style ) in Endnote X2

Dear all

I have created the master document and am now creating the bibliography for all the chapter in one document. I would like to know if there is a way we can format the biblio so that it is sorted alphabetically and yet the citation style is numbered. I can get the citation style numberd but it is not sorted alphabetically. how do I go about doing it. Thanks

Hey Leanne, thanks… but that was not what I am looking for. I have cited it in the word document, but in the word doc, they are not arranged alphabetically according to the author, they are arranged according to the numbers. I do not want that, I want the biblio to be arranged alphabetically, and cited liek this [1], [2], instead, when they are sorted alphabetically, the author’s name and the year appears like this,((Taylor., Green. et al. 1997) … I do not want this, I want the [1] and the references alphabetically. Can someone help.

You need to change the style that you are using.  The style I pointed to, is the IEEE style.  You need to save it to your folder that the endnote preferences shows as your styles folder (preferences are available from Edit>preferences> folder location).  Then you need to “format bibliography” and change to the new IEEE style you downloaded.  I suggest you look at some of the training materials available on the endnote website.

In fact, I quickly checked IEEE style standard for 2009, and they changed the author format to Surname, Given name with period (SG1 format of my definition). You could change the template Leanne pointed such that the author format reflect the new standard. However, there are numerous IEEE journals, and I don’t think all the IEEE journals change bibliographic format at the same time, so check your journal’s specific instruction first.

Generally, when bibliography is formatted by alphabetically, author format is Surname-Given name order (SG format). And the in-text citation is (author year) style (commonly known as “Harvard style”). Old IEEE style uses GS1 format, which means the bibliography authors are listed by given name, then the in-text citation is numbered style.