Coming from Zotero- what works for 3 X 5 index cards ?

I’m brand new to EN X2.  I’m trying to find a way to take notes on sources & then have those notes available during Cite-while-you-write in Word 2003.  I see there is an “insert note” option- in the EN Word toolbar.  Is there a way to access summary & paraphrase notes, taken from sources, in order to insert into the body of a paper?  There seems to be a hint about this on pg 306: “This feature requires that a numbered style be used for
formatting; otherwise, the note appears as text in the body of your paper.”

That’s exactly what I do want: " appear as text in the body of paper .  .  . "

Also, what is Research Note field for?  Is this field meant to replace 3 X 5?  If so, how to access while writing—  


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