Compability with Windows XP - Language-specific Characters

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Since I changed to Windows XP more than 2 years ago, I have troubles with inserting some foreign language characters (e.g. ř, Ł, ę, …).

I used to enter those via the “Insert Symbol” interface, using the “Subset” setting in this interface to access the different language-specific

sets of symbols. 

Under XP the same set of symbols is displayed regardless of the language chosen in the “Subset” field.

Currently, I copy&paste the symbols needed form Word, but it would be convenient to have the original functionality of the

“Insert Symbol” again.


Any ideas?


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This is not much of a solution: I have found (and was also advised by Thomson) that some characters will be correctly displayed when you select Trebuchet MS as the font. So, crazy as it is, in my records in Procite, with some of those strange characters (such as è) that do not display properly in Times New Roman or Arial), they will look normal, if a little disproportioned, in Trebuchet MS. So, I switch to Trebuchet MS for just those characters, and I render the rest of the text either in Arial or Times New Roman. Sometimes I rescale the Trebuchet MS characters so that they do not look too different from the rest of the text.
Unfortunately, there are still some characters that Trebuchet MS will not display correctly.
For a Greek beta (β), not surprisingly, I substitute the German double-s character (ß) that Procite will display in many different fonts.

True. For me I found that Microsoft Sans Serif works best to display the characters properly and I switched to that font for the list view as well as the “Edit Record” window.

Yet, this did not help in entering those character first place.

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To add to Andreas’ comment:

MS San Serif seems to be that font that provides the best character displaying in ProCite.  I recommend setting both the “View > Configure Reference List” option when you are viewing all of the references and “View > Configure Edit Record” when you are editing a reference to MS San Serif.

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