Not showing special characters/languages

I’m downloading references in Arabic from the online search and cannot get the Arabic script to display.  This is all I get: 

Maqali* : qasaid min wahy al-Intifadah : shi*r


How can I get the font to display correctly?  I changed my default language on the computer and changed the display font to unicode fonts and to Arabic fonts and nothing changed!!!


Thank you!

It depends which database you are searching. If the database supports Unicode on its Z39.50 server, then you may be able to import references in Arabic.

You can start by clicking on Edit>Connection Files>Edit [name of database].

When the connection file opens for editing, go to the Connection Settings section.

You will see a box labelled “Text” with a dropdown menu of encodings. Note the current setting, in case you need to change back to it. Try changing to Unicode (UTF-8). Close the edit window and save the changes.

Now test it to see if it works.

In some cases, databases use a different server name or database name for Unicode searching. So that’s another complication. And it’s also quite possible that the database just doesn’t support Unicode on Z39.50 (or even on HTTP).

I should also mention that this will only work if you have EndNote 9 or a later version.