When will EndNote be compatible with the cloud?

For many/most scientists the cloud is where we work, and many use more than one computer, which makes the cloud even more important. It therefore is a serious negative that EndNote does not work with the cloud.
This could have been OK, barely, in the early 2000s, but we are in 2022!


I agree this is a big issue.
If you use Endnote with Onedrive for example the word file can end up getting corrupted and using cloud storage makes it safer and easier since you can work on the document from different computers.

Its not like cloud storage is a new thing either so its kinda impressive that they haven’t managed to make the software support cloud storage both for the library and word files without having the chance of getting corrupted or damaged because of it

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Same problem. It is amazing to me that EndNote 20 files are still not compatible with servers and either get corrupted or update to servers so slowly as to be useless. This morning I added 38 references to a file stored on a OneDrive server and, when I opened it THREE hours later, it had 21 references. Fortunately, I had employed a workaround before I closed the program: I compressed the file, sent it as an email, saved it on a flash drive (!), opened it from there and then replaced the server copy. That is beyond stupid. I do not know anyone working in either a medium-sized or large organization that does not use servers. Clarivate needs to fix this problem YESTERDAY!! Also…please bring back “Show Selected References.” That was an incredibly useful function that, for reasons that escape me, was removed in 20.

Based on the dates of the two previous entries in this post, this, apparently, is not a high priority for Clarivate.